1 December 2023 – 11 February 2024
Kim Jungman

The smartphone has made photography a fast-moving and rather fleeting medium. Pictures pop up briefly on Instagram and Facebook Stories and disappear again. A subject used to be carefully captured with an analogue camera at the time, unlike today, where phones take snapshots indiscriminately, everywhere and at all times. On one hand, this may be regrettable, but on the other hand, photography as such has in fact gained more importance in recent years. Suddenly, many people, especially younger ones, are taking an interest in analogue photography again. They recognise that a mobile phone photo is merely a beginning and that a whole other, fascinating world can be discovered behind this technology.

Installation view HOWEVER WE SAW THE SAME STAR – Kim Jungman, 2023,
Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G

Kim Jungman allows us a view into a unique world with his photography. The Korean artist and photographer died unexpectedly on the 31st of December 2022 at the age of 68, while preparing this exhibition. Beforehand, his son Neo Kim and him had visited Basel and our Foundation, in order to discuss the presentation in its first outlines. It was the wish of Kim Jungman’s family to go ahead with the project after his death. Thus, the exhibition has now become a tribute to this extraordinary person and photographer.

Kim Jungman, Pillars of East, 2013,
449 x 242 cm
© studio velvetunderground

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