5 May – 10 July 2022

An installation by Carlo Borer

As nature is capable of reclaiming human habitats, Carlo Borer’s large-scale installations entitled Sleeping with the Gods take over the exhibition space of Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G from 5 May until 10 July.

Installation view Sleeping with the Gods, 2022, Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G

The various installations and organic shapes, purposely designed for the exhibition space, have been made in a highly complex process of polished stainless steel and planned to a fraction of a millimetre. Each tapering or extension of the shape feeds on milestones on the evolutionary timeline – either on data of demographic development on earth based on models by the UN or on dramatic loss of biodiversity in the animal kingdom. It is a well-designed as well as an artistically powerful display of how both are related.


The development of humankind, the speed by which humans populate the earth and their ruthlessness of exploiting it, worries artist Carlo Borer. On the other hand, he is fascinated by technological advances and related developments.